Canada's Top 6 Dad Blogs (according to me)

I’ll be honest, being a dad, sometimes I wonder am I doing it right, what fun things can I go out and do with the kids, what parenting tips work for others? Sometimes I just need a laugh and to know that I’m not alone. Since you’ve found our Dad Blog and are reading along (hello and thank you) I wanted to share the top 6 Dad Blogs I love.

Social Dad

Social Dad is run by James who is a new dad and in the social media industry. He put both his life passions into one great dad blog. On his blog, you can follow along with his general “dad-ing” as he puts it, ask him questions, or find out what brands he trusts for both him and his daughter. Another great thing about this blog is he is local to Vancouver, which makes his posts even more relevant.

5 Kids 1 Condo

If you ever feel overwhelmed with your 1 to 3 children, just read Adrian Cook’s blog, 5 Kids 1 Condo, about living in a condo with 5 (yes, you read that right, FIVE) kids in Vancouver. Here you can read all about minimalism, compact living, technology and urban life. Cook gives a very educated view on all of his posts.

Vancouver Sun’s Curious Dad Blog

This is a less interactive blog, but a great dad blog none the less. The Curious Dad Blog is tagged articles from the Vancouver Sun website. This just goes to show that dad blog information is in high demand. Topics covered are anything from screen time, baby wipes, and money.

Kids Vancouver

Kids Vancouver is a family resource site with guides for anything and everything including birthday parties and child care. They have even a Dad Resources page which includes links to things such as Dad meetups! It is a great site to check out if you’re local and want to meet other dads in the area.

Canadian Dad

Not only is Canadian Dada great blog, but the father of two, Chris, also has a podcast! Chris touches on men’s health, invites guest bloggers to write posts, talks about power tool safety and so much more. Another great thing, he hosts giveaways! What dad doesn’t love free things for you and your kids?

Dad Central

Dad Centralis a great resource for any dad or anyone who works with dads across Canada. Here, topics like ‘dad’s babysitting’ and dealing with your daughter’s first boyfriend are tackled. You’ll also find resources like dad booklets, assistance numbers and child development information. Something else that is great about this outlet is that they put on conferences and workshops for dads to get involved and ask questions.