From Dad-bod with love

The ‘Dad Bod’ is a real thing! That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing, but I enjoy working out. Not only for my health, and to be around for my kids for a very long time, but to keep up with them! I have 4 children not yet in their teenage years and they are always on the go!

I try to set aside some time for myself to get a quick workout in a couple of times throughout the week. However, there is that age old question, is it better to workout at home or in the gym? Let’s break it down in pros and cons. First, the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few pros to going to the gym. One is that there are so many different machines and weights that you might not typically be able to have at home. Not only are there different machines you can use at the gym but many also provide different types of fitness classes or even personal trainers. 

The last pro, you are able to escape the house for a bit and completely zone out to your own workout routine.

Now the cons. Some gyms don’t provide child care. That’s a huge downside for me. Being able to make sure my kids are taken care of while I’m at the gym is important. It’s not always fair to leave the wife with our brood for the gym when there are other options. If you’re set on a gym workout, check out gyms like Steve Nash Fitness and Goodlife Fitness which are really stepping up the game by providing childcare. 

Another set back to gyms is time. I don’t always have the time to get to the gym, work out, get back home. That could be a huge chunk of my day depending on where the nearest gym is. 

Lastly, price. In order to access a gym, you need to pay a membership fee. While some are affordable, some are really expensive and you feel as though you’re wasting your money if you can’t make it to the gym enough.

Working out at home has shown me so many more pros than cons. I love being able to work out while the kids are playing around. I can sneak a workout in while dinner is cooking, or right after the kids have gone to bed. There are so many more convenient times. 

Being at home doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t getting as good of a workout. The apps that I am currently using (and loving) are Abs Workout | Home Fitness App found in the Apple App store. These workouts provide great core strength and don’t take very long at all. This app is also free!

I am also using High Intensity HIIT Workouts. This is another free app that is great for time-saving. There are workouts provided that are only 4 minutes but it gets your heart pumping as if you’ve gone on a long run.

Lastly, to make sure that I am also eating healthy, and eating the right things, I use MyFitnessPal. This app lets me track my food and look at my nutrition intake. It adds your calories for the day. You can also input any workouts you’ve done, and it will work out how many calories you’ve burned for the day, letting you know if you need to eat more to fuel your body.